Sunday, November 23, 2014

Aspen Glow QAL Prizes - YAY!

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Can you believe we made it to the finish line of our Aspen Glow Quilt Along?  I know this sounds cliche, but I seriously feel like we just started a couple of weeks ago. I am seriously in love with my finished quilt top, though, and I can't wait to be snuggled up under it now that the colder weather is starting to set in.

My fabulous Long Arm Quilter, Darby of the Quilted Squid, is helping us celebrate the end of our quilt along by sharing a special offer with you!  She's offering any of her all-over quilting designs for just 1¢ per square inch on your Aspen Glow quilt or any other project you'd like to have her quilt.  Contact her at for a consultation.  You can check out her fantastic work on her blog and view her available quilting designs on her pinterest page.  Thanks Darby - you rock!!

Ok ... now on to the prizes!!  Using the super-high-tech method of scraps of paper drawn out of my favorite coffee mug, congratulations to ....

Cheryl of Texas Quilting Gal -  you've won ... A Shape Cut™ Plus Ruler from June Tailor

Liz of Life on Fluke Lane - you've won ... A Shape Cut™ Ruler from June Tailor

Susan, AKA SCKett - you've won ... Some Beautiful Paper Goods from Kate & Birdie Paper Co

Ela, AKA Rhiela - you've won ... A Dritz Collectible Cushions Tea Pot Pin Cushion

I know this tea pot was originally part of the prize package, but it was too cute not to share.  I have a few more in stock - a couple of people had asked me about them, but I can't find your names.  Just email me ( if you wanted to purchase one for $13+Shipping. :)

I'm emailing all of our prize winners this afternoon to get your mailing info!  Thanks again for making our Aspen Glow Quilt Along so great!  I'm going offline for a week or two, to catch up on a few things and to enjoy a stay-cation holiday week with my family.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!


  1. Shelley - I made the smaller version but had so much fun a larger version is going on my to-do list. I'll get to it after I finish the three quilts I'm currently working on. That is unless I get bored and need to start another. ;-)

  2. So exciting! Thanks to the sponsors for the awesome prizes and thanks to you Shelley, for this beautiful pattern and hosting the quilt along!