Monday, October 20, 2014

Aspen Glow QAL - Large Block Assembly

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Welcome to the Aspen Glow quilt along!  Over the next three months, we'll be putting together quilts based on our popular Aspen Glow pattern.  Join us any time and share your photos in our Flickr Group to be entered into drawings for fabulous prizes!  You can access any of the previous posts on our QAL Information Page.

Well, after six weeks of some very detailed piecing, it's finally time to start assembling our large blocks!  Now, while we've had very few seams to line up so far, there are two places on this block where seam intersections are very important.

First up, the A Block corner should come into to perfectly line up with the edge of the B Block diagonal.  Now, in a perfect world, this should just happen when the two blocks are sewn together ... but in reality, you'll probably need to give them a little help.

My trick for getting these pieces to kiss where they're supposed to is to stick a pin a 1/4" in from the edge of stitched diagonal line on the B Block.  When you put it right sides together with an A Block, the pin needs to continue right through the print/solid seam, 1/4" down from the edge.

Don't worry if the top and bottom of the blocks are a little off - you can fudge those later.  The important thing is to keep these two intersections perfectly aligned.  Then, when you go to stitch the block together, your seam should go right through the place where you had the pin.

98% of the time, you'll get a perfect match.  Sometimes things can still be a smidgen off, but you can decide at that point whether it needs to be re-sewn, or if it's close enough to call it done! 

The second place you really need to watch is where those C Blocks and E Blocks come together.

Just make sure, here, that despite any wonkiness along the bottom edge of the C Block, your line of stitching goes exactly through the point where the corner of the triangle intersects with the vertical line of stitching.

If you can achieve accuracy in those two places, you'll be in good shape.  Now, that being said, there are a few other places where your seams should technically come together perfectly as well ... but because these intersections (shown below) involve overlapping sections of our background, it's really not critical if they're not perfect.  Once it's quilted, it will just all blend together as Background and you won't even know that it's there!

I am so very, very excited to start seeing your blocks come together!  Be sure to share pictures of your quilt blocks and fabric choices in our Flickr Group and stop by and introduce yourself on our discussion board, if you haven't already!  If you have any questions or would like to share a blog post about your Aspen Glow project, just leave a comment below.  Happy sewing!

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  1. Such good tips! and your block is very well made and pretty!!!