Friday, September 19, 2014

Super Mario BOM Club - Round 2

Happy Friday!  If you're following along with our Super Mario QA, you'll know that we're passing the half-way point this month!

We still have a number of new quilters who are interested in the club, however, so I'm very excited to announce that we'll be starting a second round of the BOM club in October!!  And, as of today, all of the block kits are back in stock!

More information abut the club is available on our info page.  To sign up for the next round, just pay the $6 membership fee using the yellow Paypal button below.  Paying the membership fee guarantees that a block will be reserved for your each month - important especially since with the first round, we sold out of each block within a week or two of posting them.

Space is limited, so I hope you'll join us.  Have a great weekend!!

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