Thursday, September 18, 2014

Spring Sampler Reveal!

Ok ... It's only been two months or so since we've finished our Spring Sampler Quilt Along ... but I've finally managed to get some photos of my finished quilt!

The long arm quilting was done by the fabulous Darby at the Quilted Squid.  She did such a fantastic job and was so unbelievably fast!  I just couldn't envision a thread color so I left the choice in Darby's capable hands.  She picked this gorgeous, iridescent ivory that looks amazing - it just sparkles in the sunlight!

It was so hard to find a good place in our yard to take some pictures!  The bushes hid an entire block while it was hanging from the fence ...

... and while I kinda liked it piled on our swing ... the shade and river rocks make it seem like an autumn quilt ...

... so we packed the kids off to one of our favorite parks one evening ...

... and hubby kept the monkeys occupied on the jungle gym, while I ran around snapping pictures.  I got some strange looks from some of the soccer parents watching their kids practice nearby - the park was unusually crowded that afternoon ...

... but as the sun started setting my favorite photo spot was finally free ...

This gorgeous granite bridge was built in the 1880s, along with 11 others, by Parker Whitney as part of a road from his ranch to our historic downtown along the Southern Pacific Railroad Line.  So pretty!

While our Quilt Along is over, we're leaving the instructions for all nine of the quilt blocks up on our blog.  If you prefer a printed version, we've also published a .pdf pattern available in our Craftsy and Etsy shops.  The 34 page pattern includes full color illustrations for constructing all nine of the 12" blocks, plus the block tutorials and discussion on scrap quilt tones and fabric selection.  The .pdf pattern also contains a bonus "coloring quilt" that can be used to audition colors for your own quilt.

And we love seeing photos of your finished quilts, so share them any time in our flickr group.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Gorgeous! Love all the photos! XO

  2. Really pretty quilt. I loved the last picture which showed more of the bridge, although the close ups showed the quilt a little better. Your husband did a good job keeping the kiddies busy. I think husbands of quilters have to be the very best there are. Nancy:

  3. It's a lovely quilt...congrats on the finish ! : )