Monday, September 1, 2014

Aspen Glow Quilt Along - Introduction

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Welcome to the Aspen Glow quilt along!  Over the next three months, we'll be putting together quilts based on our popular Aspen Glow pattern.

Here are a couple of housekeeping items as we gear up to start sewing!
  1. You'll need a copy of the pattern to sew along with us.  It's available on Craftsy or on Etsy.
  2. Get a flickr account and join our Aspen Glow group.  Photos you share each week are your tickets to the fantastic prize drawings we have in November!  We have some awesome prizes provided by June Tailor, Kate and Birdie Paper Co, and we'll be throwing in some fabric and Cora's Quilts patterns too!
  3. Share your pictures on Facebook, Pintrest, or Instagram too! Use the tag #CQAspenGlow!
  4. Introduce yourself!  Send me a link to your blog post, introducing your own Aspen Glow project or drop by our Flickr Discussion Board.  Tell us a little bit about your project and show us the fabric you'll be using.  You can meet your fellow quilters here.

Every Monday, I'll be sharing tips and tricks for putting together the different blocks needed for the quilt.  I'll also be answer any questions posted here on the blog or on our flickr group discussion board

This week you'll be doing all your cutting and prep-work.  Be sure to stop by our Pattern Errata page, to view any updates.  Despite my best efforts, the occasional error can creep into our patterns.

Since I have several different projects going on at the moment, I chose to keep my cut pieces organized by sorting them into labeled ziplock baggies.

Then, each time I sit down to sew, I fill up my little "shopping basket" with the exact pieces I need ... 

... and keep it right next to my sewing machine as I chain-piece.

If you have any tips or tricks for keeping large projects organized, I'd love to hear them below.  Can't wait to see your fabulous fabric choices - see you next Monday!


  1. I don't have a blog. Can I still join?

    1. Absolutely! If you'd like to be entered into any of the prize drawings, then you can share photos in our flickr groups. Otherwise, just sit back and sew along! Welcome!

  2. visiting from lily's quilts. Love the tiled look of the pattern. Can't wait to see what others do

  3. Thanks for the great tip. I am in the process of laying out my sewing space and am actively seeking a way to keep my WIPs organized. Beautiful project too. I need to research it from the beginning.

  4. Sooooo much cutting! It took me a whole day to cut for the lap quilt - I use zip lock bags to store all of the pieces for each unit.

  5. I'm going on a quilt retreat next week and can't wait to knock out a huge portion of this! Looking forward to seeing what others do!

  6. What a pretty quilt. My to do list is giant but I think I may have to join along with this as well!

  7. I love this design! What a fabulous quilt along quilt!