Monday, September 29, 2014

Aspen Glow QAL - Block D

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Welcome to the Aspen Glow quilt along!  Over the next three months, we'll be putting together quilts based on our popular Aspen Glow pattern.  Join us any time and share your photos in our Flickr Group to be entered into drawings for fabulous prizes!  You can access any of the previous posts on our QAL Information Page.

I'm a little late getting our post up today - too many weekend adventures - but this week's block is very straightforward, so hopefully I haven't set you too far back. :)  Plus, due to a special pattern release scheduled for next Monday, our block E post will be available a day early, so it all balances out, right?

Block D is a simple square-in-square block. Straight, even stitching and careful pressing will yield nice, even blocks.  It's a great candidate for chain piecing - and keep in mind that you don't have to clip threads between each block after your first pass down the chain.  In fact, keeping the threads in tact from the first round of chain piecing will actually help you go faster as you attach the block to the opposite in your second round.  Plus, then you only have to clip threads all together at once, rather than two separate times.

While you probably starched your fabric when you cut the fabric, adding a bit more while pressing your blocks this week might be a good thing.  It's really important to actually PRESS the fabric with this block.  Moving the ironing in place over the fabric will definitely result in waving, un-sightly borders and stretched seams.  You want everything to be as crisp and even as possible.

As this is the first week we're making blocks in multiple color settings - Winter has 4 versions and Autumn has 3 - it might be a good time to chat about fabric directionality.  If you're using a print with an obvious "direction" like the block below, it's a good idea to spend a minute or two planning or playing around with options before you start piecing.

Now I'm definitely NOT one of those quilters who have to have all the prints going in the same direction all the time - and this pattern is not designed to have a definite top and bottom.  The trick to using directional prints is to just use them uniformly.  If you're being random in your placement, then be random with each block.  If you're fussy cutting your prints so that they all line up, then spend the time to make sure that the blocks all match, and that you place them in the larger blocks the same way.

Personally, I'm not too worried about having chosen a directional print for my blocks.  For my own blocks, I just made sure that even though the text is going in separate directions, all my blocks are pieced exactly like this.  I think they'll blend in with the other blocks quite nicely .  Consistency is key! :)

Be sure to share pictures of your quilt blocks and fabric choices in our Flickr Group and stop by and introduce yourself on our discussion board, if you haven't already!  If you have any questions or would like to share a blog post about your Aspen Glow project, just leave a comment below.  See you on Sunday!!

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