Monday, September 8, 2014

Aspen Glow QAL - Block A

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Welcome to the Aspen Glow quilt along!  Over the next three months, we'll be putting together quilts based on our popular Aspen Glow pattern.  Join us any time and share your photos in our Flickr Group to be entered into drawings for fabulous prizes!  You can access any of the previous posts on our QAL Information Page.
Things have been a little crazy at Casa de CQ - most nights as we've gotten the kids to bed, we feel like we're "faceplanting into home base" - so the fact that Block A is a quick, simple block with now seam intersections to line up makes my tired brain happy!

While I used to be a consummate pinner and lover of pressing seams open, over the last few years I've been migrating towards directional seam pressing, especially since it means sewing with less pins (remember Diana)!  Now, the traditional rule for directional pressing is to always press towards the darker fabric, so that you don't have any darker fabric from the seam showing through behind the lighter fabric.

With the ready availability of really high quality fabric, however, I don't know that this is really a hard and fast rule any longer. Unless the light fabric is very thin, my personal preference is to press in a manner that creates the least amount of bulk at seam intersections behind your block - and this is how the pressing instructions for this pattern have been written.

As with all our patterns, we give instructions on how to make a single block first, followed by the number of blocks needed to make each quilt size, and the materials needed for each.  The idea is to make a practice block and then mass produce (aka chain piece) the remaining of the blocks.  If you've never tried chain piecing before, this is a great project to give it a whirl.  There are a number of great tutorials out there, including this one by Connecting Threads.
Be sure to share pictures of your quilt blocks and fabric choices in our Flickr Group and stop by and introduce yourself on our discussion board, if you haven't already!  If you have any questions or would like to share a blog post about your Aspen Glow project, just leave a comment below.  See you next Monday!

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