Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Friday!

It's 8:45PM at Casa de CQ and ...

  • It's still 103 degrees outside
  • All three of my boys are running 100+ fevers thanks to incoming teeth and some freakish summer flu bug
  • Every living soul in this house is asleep for the time being ... except for me
So, even though I have a Mario Block due, I'm sitting down in a quiet house to play with these lovelies by Amanda Murphy ...

... while drinking iced wine (because it is THAT hot) and listening An Echo In The Bone.  Can you tell that I'm counting down the days until Starz premiers its Outlander Series?  Yummy!!

BTW - our BOGO pattern sale is going on thru midnight, tonight.  Chances are that if you place your order in the next few hours, I'll still be up to email you your freebie!  Drop me a line to say hi if you're fortunate enough to be spending your Friday night with needle and thread too!  Happy sewing!!


  1. Oh my, thank goodness for AC. Hope the boys are feeling better soon.

  2. I hope every one is better now but just saw you mention outlander. I just finished the fourth book. I'm so disappointed we can't get the series here except in paid TV - I think. Great fabrics too.