Sunday, June 22, 2014

Spring Sampler Block 9 - Rambler

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Welcome back to the last block tutorial in our Spring Sampler Series! A big thank you goes out to Connecting Threads for sponsoring our quilt along and to Heidi and Cheryl, our incredibly talented pattern testers!

Please join in our quilt along at any time - the patterns will be available on our blog indefinitely!  Visit these pages for help choosing your prints and for fabric requirements for the project.

Share photos of this block below in our linky party or in our flickr group.  Each block shared between now and 7/24/14 is an entry into our prize raffle - US & Canadian residents only, please.

Can you believe that we're almost finished!  These last 10 weeks have just flown by and I know that I'm going to miss having a weekly block deadline ... since it guaranteed a bit of sewing time every few days!  We'll be back next week, though, with finishing instructions, and then we'll have a final parade before award prizes in July!

Always be sure to read through the entire set of instructions before beginning, sew with a 1/4" seam, and press seams as directed by the arrows.

Block 9 - Cutting Instructions

***If you've had difficulties with too-small-Square-in-Square blocks, read this post before cutting!!!

From the Background fabric (#2), cut:
         1 - 5 ½” square

From the Dark Print (#3), cut:
        8 - 3” squares
          2 - 2 ⅞” squares; cut in half, diagonally

Choose 3 Vibrant Prints (#1)
    From the first, cut:
        1 - 3 ½” square

    From the second, cut:
        1 - 5 ½” square
           2 - 3 ” squares, cut in half, diagonally

    From the third, cut:
       1 - 7 ¼” square, cut in quarters, diagonally

Set-up: Square-in-Square Block

Make a Square-in-Square block, using our tutorial, 1 - ½Vibrant Print square, and 4 - ” Dark Print triangles.  Square and trim blocks down to ¾".

Set-up: Flying Geese Blocks

Make a set of four Flying Geese blocks, using our tutorial, 1 - 5 ½” Vibrant Print square, and 4 - 3" Dark Print squares.

Make another set of four Flying Geese blocks, using  1 - 5 ½” Background square, and 4 - 3" Dark Print squares.

Block Construction

Our last block goes together so unbelievably quickly - especially since we've had so much practice with those Flying Geese blocks!  And here we go!

1.  Attach a Background Flying Geese block to the top of each of the 4 -  Vibrant print Flying Geese blocks.

2.  Attach a Vibrant print 3 ” triangle to the top of each of the 4 blocks made in step #1.

3.  Attach a 7 ¼” Vibrant print triangle to the left and right sides of 2 of the blocks made in step #2.

4.  Attach the remaining blocks made in step #2 to the left and right sides of the center Square-in-Square block.

5.  Attach the blocks made in step #3 to the top and bottom of the block made in step #4.

And we're done already!  5 easy steps!!  Don't forget to share your photos below in our linky party or in our flickr group!


  1. Great block. I am loving flying geese right now and this is a lovely block.

  2. Uh oh, another QAL! It looks like a lot of fun! I really like this block. I poked around a bit, and I like the Aspen Glow block too, very very pretty and perfect for so many different prints and solids! Happy Wednesday =)

  3. Great block. That could be a lot of fun.

  4. Another great tutorial for a super cute block! It has been a pleasure to follow along on your progress, Shelley!