Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Help Please!

Hi Friends!

I'm thinking of switching to a new blogging platform.  SquareSpace and Wordpress seem to be my top contenders right now.

Anyone use either of these two platforms already?  Anyone move from blogger to one of these sites?

I'd love to hear about your experiences and what were your pros & cons.  You can comment below or email me: CorasQuilts{at}gmail{dot}com.



  1. Hi Cora,

    I used to be on Wordpress, but I switched because it doesn't support replied comments-I had to choice but to be a no-reply commenter. Also, I tried buying a template for my wordpress blog and the template wouldn't work because of the wordpress format. And the last problem I had with wordpress was I could not add any of those programs that say "if you liked this, you might like.." and would show you thumbnails of other posts you have written. Wordpress doesn't support that either. Anyway, hope that makes sense, and hope that helps.

    1. Thanks Cristina! I really appreciate the feedback! Good to know!!

  2. I'm on wordpress.com and I'll point out that it is limited, as noted above, but that if you self-host and use a wordpress.org platform you get a lot more choices (but it's not free). I have a blogger profile and link my wordpress blog to it and that's how I get around the no-reply blogger issue. However I never tried having a blogger account so I can't compare.