Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Sampler - Materials & Prep

Welcome to Cora's Quilts' Spring Sampler, 

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Yesterday, we introduced our Spring Sampler quilt, and today, we're talking about fabric selection for our quilts!  We'll be providing instructions for making both a 9-block Wall-hanging quilt and an on-point 13-block Lap quilt.

We used a Connecting Threads Hampton Hues Fat Quarter bundle plus some yardage and a white solid for our sampler.  For a chat on how to pick out your prints for this fabric, please see our post here!

Fabric Requirements - Wall-hanging Quilt

Wall-hanging - 9 Blocks - 48" x 48"

  • White Solid: 3/4 yard
  • Dark Print: 1+1/2 yards
  • Binding: 1/2 yard
  • Light Neutral Prints: at least 2 prints, totaling 1/2 yard
  • Medium Prints: 2-4 prints, totaling 1/2 yard
  • Vibrant Prints: at least 10 prints, totaling 1+3/4 yards
  • Batting & Backing: 56" x 56" piece of each

Fabric Requirements - Lap-Size Quilt

Lap-Size - 13 Blocks - 64" x 64"

  • White Solid: 1+1/4 yards
  • Dark Print: 1+3/4 yards
  • Lighter Print for Corner & Setting Triangles: 1+1/4 yards
  • Binding: 1/2 yard
  • Light Neutral Prints: at least 2 prints, totaling 3/4 yard
  • Medium Prints: 2-4 prints, totaling 3/4 yard
  • Vibrant Prints: at least 10 prints, totaling 2+1/2 yards
  • Batting & Backing: 72" x 72" piece of each

Additional Supplies:

  • Rotary Cutter, Rotary Ruler, and Cutting Mat
  • Fabric Measuring Tape
  • Your favorite thread - we recommend Connecting Thread's Cotton Essentials.  Love this stuff!  We're using White (#20869) plus Coral Reef (#21150) and Bark (#21102) for quilting
  • Iron, Ironing Board, and Starch, if desired.
Note: Pre-washing fabric is a matter of personal preference ... although my personal opinion is that it's un-necessary when using high-quality quilt shop fabric. I do, however, recommend ironing and starching fabric before cutting.  It just makes the fabric so crisp and nice to work with!

And Now for the Fun part! 

What fabric are you using for your sampler?  Share a photo below and also, grab our Spring Sampler Quilt Along Button from our sidebar to share on your blog.  Can't wait to see your beautiful choices!


  1. (I have tried to comment 4 times, if this posts a bunch of times I apologize :))

    I am excited to see all of the blocks! Unfortunately we are in the process of finishing our basement. So EVERYTHING-my fabric, mats, rulers and sewing machine)is packed and buried in the garage. We hope to be done Easter weekend, so I will be a bit behind schedule. BUT this will be my first project when my new studio is ready!
    PS i love connecting threads!

    1. Hi Michelle - So glad that you can join us! This is going to be my first project, post-move, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to unearth the rest of my sewing paraphernalia too!

      Don't worry about falling behind! The posts and linky parties will be open indefinitely. Plus, we've built in some extra to catch up, since summer has a habit of getting super busy!

      Can't wait to see your fabric choices and hope you're able to start in your new studio soon!

  2. I had trouble commenting too. I'm thinking about joining in as well. :) Not sure of fabrics yet though!

    1. Hi Sheri - so glad that you can join us! I'm not sure what's going on with the commenting, but I'll definitely try and get it squared away ASAP. Excited to fabric choices!

  3. Hi Ladies - I've updated the comment settings, which should hopefully fix the posting problems. Please let me know if you keep running into problems!

  4. Having found this link I cannot seem to find how to be a follower of your blog to keep up to date with what we are attempting to do

    1. Hi Margaret - so glad you can join us! You can follow me through google plus (click the link or the "g+" icon on the right sidebar) or you can follow me through bloglovin. Can't wait to see your blocks!

  5. Is there an option to print the instructions?

    1. Hi Maria - you can print the instructions as a web-page from your browser. After the 9th block has been posted, we'll be publishing a .pdf version of the pattern, including all of the introduction information, tutorials, blocks, and finishing instructions, which will be available for purchase in our craftsy shop.