Monday, March 3, 2014

Settling In ... and EQ6 Missing Pop-up menus!

We're slowly settling into our new house.  The shop is open again and it's nice to be gradually settling into new routines.

As I mentioned last week, while our new home is slightly larger than our previous house (and is filled with huge windows and tons of great natural light), it only has three bedrooms.  While I'm sure that midnight tent parties and nightly sleepovers are an inevitable part of having two boys less than two years apart ... neither of our boys are great sleepers.  Permanently sharing a room is not a happy option at this point.

As we don't tend to do a lot of formal entertaining, we decided to re-purpose the dining room as a studio space.  As a bonus, the room is open to our family room, where the majority of the kids' toys live ... so theoretically, we can all play together. :)

Here's the "before" shot.  Please excuse the bad photography, taken left-handed while carrying a screaming, teething baby, while standing on one leg, trying to keep my toddler out of the shot using the other. Yoga is totally doing wonders for my balance. :)

The bookcases, which we already owned, were placed randomly by the movers, so these aren't their permanent resting places. My new work-space will be set up in the right-hand corner, and my sewing machine will live right in front of the window, overlooking the backyard.  There's a beautiful little aspen-esque tree, a great spot for a garden box, and a great view of the boys' back yard play area.

The only "problem" with the room is that it gets so much sunlight, I'm finding it hard to find places to store my fabric.  Hubby's solution was, "Then it must be time to get rid of some of it."  Fat chance. :)  Instead, while he's away on business for the weekend, I'm creating an ever expanding shopping list for our next Ikea excursion.

I'm hoping to post some progress pictures soon - it just needs a little bit more sprucing up before sharing.

In the meantime, I'm dying to dust off my sewing machine ... but my accessories are buried in a box ... underneath other boxes, behind stacks of still more boxes.  So, instead I'm working on some fun upcoming quilts, including a new free pattern series, a couple book reviews, and a few super secret projects.

I was happy to sit down to a computer screen that looked exactly like it had when I unplugged it at the last house ... except for my Electric Quilt 6 program.  It took me a few minutes to figure out that something was off ...

When I clicked on the little paint brush icon, my fabric sketchbook window was supposed to pop up, but it was nowhere to be found.  This had happened once before when I had first started using the program several years ago.  While the window is a floating window that you can position anywhere on the screen ... unfortunately you can also drag it completely off of the screen where it disappears and you can't bring it back.

To make a long story much shorter, I spent over two hours pouring through very unhelpful internet forums to find a fix and came up with absolutely nothing!  Surely it's not possible that I'm the only person having this problem!

After another 30 minutes of fiddling with the program, I finally found a workaround.  In case you're having the same problems too, you can restore all default settings by clicking:

File → Preferences Restore Restore Default Settings

Crisis averted.   Now ... if I can only figure out how to get all my other custom settings back in place.  Sigh...

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