Thursday, February 6, 2014

Changes on the horizon ...

As I mentioned in my last post, there is zero sewing going on at Casa de CQ - partially because of the {almost five week old} flu bug that refuses to leave and partially because we're moving! We've know that the move was going to be happening sometime this year, but we were surprised with how quickly we were able to find a place that fit {most} of our specifications.

Even though we're just relocating a few towns over, trying to get organized with two little ones under is proving quite challenging.  Plus, our new home, while slightly larger than our current place, has one less bedroom ... which means my current chaotic sewing room with a door will now be sharing the boys' very open playroom space.  In the long run, I think this will be a good thing as it means that we can all have "playtime" together ... but I have a lot of de-stashing, organizing, and re-configuring to do in the meantime.  If anyone has experience doing the same, I'd love to hear about it - both the success stories and pitfalls!

While my sewing machine is actually already packed away, I have been dreaming and sketching up a boatload of new projects!  I don't have any blocks to share yet, but here's what's sitting in the box next to me, just waiting to be chopped up and sewn back together!!

Mirabelle by Fig Tree & Co for Moda Fabrics - so gorgeous!!

Les Ami by Patti Sloniger for Michael Miller Fabics - too cute!!

Vanity Fair by Dear Stella - so pretty!!

I'll probably be pretty scare for the next couple of weeks, but hopefully once all the dust settles, I'll actually have something more than swatches to share!

Rainy Days

Well, we are finally getting some desperately needed rain in the Sacramento Valley today.  After four weeks of the flu, however, we're longing to be outdoors, enjoying some sun!

Zero sewing is going on at CQ - more on that later - so, instead, I'm cozied up with my favorite tea, admiring these sunny, floral charm packs, now available in our shop!