Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Patchwork Indigo Mis-en-Place

 I actually received my much anticipated fabric delivery last week, but with some out-of-towners here to visit and a crazy, busy weekend, I didn't get to dip into it until yesterday.

It's hard to tell from my photo {thanks to an overcast morning here} but the fabric is a really rich indigo blue, while the whites are crisp and beautiful.  The fabric is from a brand new Connecting Threads line called, "Indigo Patchwork."

I'm so excited to start sewing on a new project!  I think that one of my favorite moments in making a quilt is seeing all the building blocks in front of me like this and being able to see in my head the potential of the quilt they'll become.

Since I've been doing the majority of my sewing lately from my kitchen table, I've found that the best system for me is to do my mis-en-place in my sewing room, and then fill up a little tray with all the bits I need for my current blocks to take out into the kitchen.  When I'm done with those blocks, I can take them back to my sewing room to place on the design wall, and fill up my little "shopping basket" with the bits for the next set of blocks.  I find that things stay much more organized this way, and I'm not constantly at war with having to clear the kitchen table of all these loose little squares between sewing sessions.

I'm off to sew during a rare few moments when both my boys are sleeping!  Check out Freshly Pieced today for some other great WIPs!


  1. I do it, I have tons of dollar store baskets.. pretty fabric

  2. Great idea to keep your projects together! Looks like a lovely line of fabric!