Monday, October 7, 2013

Design Wall Monday

We had an incredibly busy week last week which means that I have next to nothing to share on the quilting front.  The California Capitol Airshow was in town over the weekend,  and as we live just a few miles from the airfield, we had a great (albeit loud) show, right in our backyard!  Between the 10+ acts practicing during the week and the two-day weekend show, we've practically been living outdoors for a week!  At least I've been able to squeeze in a little knitting ...

This years headliners were the Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds.  It was pretty amazing to watch all nine of them go through their paces.

As an added treat for the weekend, hubby and I were lucky enough to sneak away from the boys on Saturday night for a grown-up dinner at Lucca and a performance of Pride and Prejudice by the Sacramento Theater Company.  Hubby, not being an avid Jane Austen {and huge Mr. Darcy} fan like I am, cruelly pointed out in the first few moments how greatly the actor playing Mr. Darcy looked like Dexter, the serial killer ... and then proceeded to wonder if the play was going to end in a plastic-draped kill room with seven bodies lying on the floor ... I can only assume he was hoping the Bennet family were the victims ...

Photo by Kelly Christoffersen, Sacramento Bee
Despite the comments from the peanut gallery, the actors - especially those playing Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Collins - did a fantastic job ... and Mom and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

On the sewing front, I just managed to sneak in a few minutes to start playing with ...

I'm working on a new quilt design for a very special little lady that will be joining the family in January. 

I'm playing around with a few, simply-pieced blocks and some charm squares ... and my desire for scrappiness is at war with my ingrained preference for symmetry.  We'll see which will win out in the end.

I'm linking my meager progress up with these sites this week.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. : ) Girls night out ? How do you get so much done ? Love the design.

  2. How different Pride and Prejudice would be if Mrs Bennett was murdered in the first Act. Oh the trouble it would save later on. Love how the blocks are coming together.

  3. Lucky! I hope you've made your husband sit thru both the BBC and most recent versions of Pride and Prejudice! Collin Firth certainly isn't a serial killer! It's sad that you feel you haven't gotten much done, but sometimes we all need a small break. A little done is better than nothing! : )