Monday, October 21, 2013

Adventures in Knitting - NYCardigan v.1.1

Both of my boys had a small stomach bug last week, so I finished no sewing, whatsoever.  Since I did spend a great amount of time cuddling on the couch, I was able to make some progress on my New York Cardigan!

After knitting far enough on my sweater collar to pick up the stitches for the body  and finishing a couple of body rows ... I decided that it was time to evaluate how my pattern modifications were shaping up.

I decided that a few changes needed to be made.  Luckily, I had left in my waste yarn to mark where I started picking up stitches for the body, and had a really easy time frogging back and not dropping any stitches.

First change: along both edges of the lace panel, there was a K5 portion.  When the collar was joined to the sweater body, however, the K5 portion looked out of place amongst the lace stitches, and so I eliminated it.  I experimented a bit with trying to replace the panel with a raised K vine stitch, but all my methods of adding enough extra stitches for the raised vine look even more out of place than the K4 border.  I've just eliminated it altogether.

Second change: starting the each row along the collar edge with a SS instead of K.  The collar was starting to roll in too much without it.  It's still rolling in slight now, but I'm hoping that a little steam or slight blocking when I'm finished will fix the problem.

Third change - or rather a note for my next sweater using this pattern.  I replaced the YO K YO stitches at the raglan shaping along the shoulders with a KFB K KFB.    I should have replaced it with a KFB KFB to avoid the double stitch along the shaping that the extra K creates.  I don't *think* its going to be a problem with this sweater - it doesn't bother me enough to frog back all my progress - but we'll see how the finished project turns out.

*    *    *    *    *

So here's v.1.1.  I'm hoping to get far enough along the collar this week to get my sleeves on waste yarn and actually try the thing on for size.  

Based on the given measurements, I was somewhere between a M/L, but am following the M instructions, as my lace stitches are slightly larger than gauge, and I'm knitting the whole piece with size 8's, instead of switching to a smaller size for the bottom lace panels only.  If it's ridiculously too small, then my blue waste yarn "life-lines" are still in place and I can frog all the way back to make the shoulders bigger.  Fingers crossed that that's not actually the case!!

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