Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Adventures in Knitting: New York Cardigan, v1.0

I'm officially starting my very first knitted sweater.

The Pattern:

After spending about two weeks pouring over the thousands of cardigan patterns on Ravelry, I finally selected the New York Cardigan by Erin Harper.

© Erin Harper

The pattern is very well-written and easy to understand, even for a newbie like me!  The only bit that bothered me was that the front piece that formed the collar was made from two separate pieces that were then sewn to the sweater body.  After a couple of laughable attempts at making stocking ornaments last year, I know that seaming on knitting is a skill that still eludes me ... and this sweater is not the place to practice!

The only criticism of the pattern I've read is that it doesn't include a chart for the lace panels.  This isn't an issue for me, though, because I'm still a newbie and I'd much more comfortable at this point with reading step by step directions, rather than following a chart.

The Modifications:

After pouring over all the discussion boards and finished project posts, I came across this gorgeous version by shadystroll ...

© shadystroll
... and she included in her project notes some detailed instructions for knitting the sweater and collar in one piece!

So, as of the start of my project, here are my planned modifications to the pattern:
  • Knitting both halves of the collar and the sweater body in one piece
  • Replacing the YO K YO along raglan shaping at the shoulders with KFB K KFB, to eliminate the holes - Note: for sweater #2, change to KFB KFB to avoid double knit stitch along raglan shaping portion.
  • Starting the lace panels on the body of the sweater under the bust
  • Knitting the sleeves (probably 3/4 or full length) in the round, because I hate seaming.
  • Starting each row along the edge of the collar with a SS instead of a K, so that the collar will lay flat, rather than having a slight curl
  • Replacing the 5K stitch panel where the collar is joined with the body with a S2st K PSSO {plus possibly an extra K for picking up the stitches on the collar}for a more seamless look on the body  Strike that. Just eliminating the 5K stitch panel between the collar and the body.
{modifications in red were added after my "first round of testing":)}

The Yarn

I have visions of knitting my sweater out of a beautiful red/black yarn and being able to wear it for Christmas {possibly in 2014}, but for now, I chose to make a practice version with some cheaper yarn ... just in the final project doesn't quite work out.

I chose Lion Brand Heartland yarn, in the Grand Canyon colorway:
Even though this yarn is 100% acrylic, it's beautifully soft and is knitting up well on size 8 needles

And We're Off!

We spent a ton of time outdoors with Aiden over the weekend, so I was able to get a great jump start on my project.  I did my test swatch and it came out perfectly to gauge!

It took me a couple of tries to get the provisional cast-on {turquoise yarn} tension correct ...

... but once I finally got going, the rows started shaping up really quickly!

As of Monday morning, I had finished two whole lace repeats and was really happy with my work. Good little nappers permitting, I'm hoping to have another status update to share later this week!

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  1. Looks beautiful. Can't wait to see your finished version. I just might be inspired to try.