Friday, September 6, 2013

To sash or not to sash ...

My little man is happily cooking away in his play kitchen this morning, while my littlest man is snoozing in his sling ... which means I'm managing to squeeze in a little kitchen table sewing!

While cleaning off the mountain that used to be my cutting table over the weekend, I came across the pieces of my Shiloh quilt.  While Civil War Repro prints have never been my niche, I love the fabric used in Barbara Brackman's line, Lately Arrived from London.

I have about a dozen Dogwood Violet blocks to finish ....

... but as I'm sitting here working, I'm starting to rethink my block arrangement.  Originally, I had planned on just sewing the blocks together:

Now, I'm wondering if I should add a small sashing border:


What do you think?  As I'm staring at the computer screen, I'm kinda loving how the added sashing creates a secondary star pattern among the blocks.  Maybe that's the way to go ....


  1. I love both designs, but I think the one with the sashing border really stands out. Just beautiful, and I love the fabric choices too:)

  2. My husband who is colourblind, so focusses on shading and contrast says without the sashing. I dont have a preference- I like them both equally

  3. I do like them both but if I had to choose I would say without sashing

  4. I think the one with the sashing really pops out. I love it.