Thursday, March 21, 2013

Introducing: Sugar & Spice!

With my hubby, my sweet little 16 month old son, and another boy on the way in July of this year - and almost a dozen male cousins for my boys to play with! -  it must come as no surprise to you that I'm craving a little bit of girly-ness in my life!

Luckily, this gem of a little quilt came along right in time to add some much needed floral-y goodness to my studio!  Introducing ... Sugar & Spice.

Crib Size Quilt - finishes at 45" x 45"

This pattern comes in three sizes: Crib, Lap, and Queen.  The quilt may look complicated at first glance, but it only uses two different blocks, so it goes together quickly!

Lap Size Quilt - finishes at 60" x 60"

I used fabric yardage in my design just because I find that I crave symmetry and balance in my own quilts, but you could easily pull lots of different prints from your favorite lines or even your stash to make a beautifully scrappy version, too!  

Queen Size Quilt - finishes at 75" x 75"

The pattern includes a blank "coloring quilt" page so that you can play around with your color choices and placements ahead of time, without the commitment of cutting and piecing trial blocks.

This pattern is currently available for immediate download through both our Craftsy and Etsy shops.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Cora's Stash

Celebrate the arrival of spring with this Hip Hop Garden Quilt kit. Featuring a 1/2 yard cut of Debbie Mumm's playful garden frogs, this kit also includes 1 yard of a beautiful white vine muslin print, and 6 coordinating spring time fat quarter cuts (approx 18" x 22").

Available in our shop

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Mis En Place

Over the weekend, I had the chance to sit down and leaf through a fabulous book my mom lent me:

I've always been a cluttered person and my sewing space is no exception!  The fact that I have a toddler really only compounds the problem, since I only have small windows of sewing time and I rarely  "waste" that time cleaning up in between projects or organizing my space.

On top of that, we are expecting bundle of joy #2 in July ... which means that Bundle #1 is moving into his big boy bedroom next month ... and I have to find a place for all of the sewing goodies I've stashed there now ... in my office/sewing room/fabric shop ... and still be able to function in that space!

So, it's time to make some permanent changes!

Step #1 in Carolyn's book is to identify the causes of the clutter.  Easy enough - that's me. :)  I tend to pile things (on the desk, the floor, my workspace, the bookshelf) rather than sort through them and put them away.  I also have a nasty habit of starting new projects on top of old projects, and then rearranging stacks as I need things.

Once you've identified the root of the problem, the idea is to do a deep clean and then reorganize all your goodies into organized stations based on your needs.

While I can't do any heavy lifting right now, and bending over is a bit of a challenge, I did manage to at least straighten up my main workstation this morning!

My first station is my ironing station, which sits at table height (so that I can press while sitting down).  It's perpendicular to my sewing machine so that it's quick and easy to sew, press, and then sew some more - all by just swiveling in my chair.  My design wall sits directly behind the iron board, so that it's easy to lay out blocks as I finish pressing them.  This isn't a new set-up for me, but I find that it really works and so it's definitely staying in place.

My sewing station is in the corner of the room, right next to the only window.  Unfortunately, it's a difficult place to photograph, but again, the set up near the ironing board works for me.  What doesn't work is that all my thread and sewing machine accessories are housed all the way across the room in the closet.  Most of the time, this isn't a problem, as I'm piecing with my giant spool of white thread ... but I'm thinking that it would be nice to have everything within arms reach.

I'm lucky enough to have a 70" rotary mat, so I usually use the end closest to the sewing machine as a staging area for block construction and trimming.  This week, I'm working on my Civil War piece, Shiloh.  These blocks just fly together, even with the paper-pieced borders, so I'm hoping to be posting a finish and the new pattern by the end of the month!

The end of the table houses my fabric for my current projects - I'm limiting myself to just two on the table at a time! - along with a second trash bin and any tools that I'd like to keep handy.  There's a spare monitor living there at the moment, but it'll hopefully be finding it's more permanent home on our desk in the very near future.

Finally, some of my more frequently used my sewing gadgets (which are in desperate need of tidying) are hanging on the wall at the end of the table.  The rest are housed in my sewing boxes in the closet.  Again, I've had this set up in place for quite awhile, but for the most part, it seems to work for me.

All in all, I think I'm off to a good start.  Hubby is planning on hanging some of those fabulous Ikea shelves along the wall, so that I'll be able to easily move projects out the way when I need to cut yardage, or assemble kits.

Next up ... the overstuffed bookshelf ... and in all honesty, the pile in front of it. :)   Happy sewing!

Introducing ....

It's been a long-time dream of my to own my own fabric shop, so I'm really happy to {finally} be able to share some exciting news!  Introducing ...
We're starting out small, but we're adding new and exciting things each week!  You'll find fabric from the latest lines of our favorite designers, like Fig Tree & Co, 3 Sisters, Kate Spain, Bonnie & Camille, and Sandy Gervais, just to name a few.  We've also opened up the Cora's Quilt fabric stash to share some of our favorite out-of-print treasures.

We carry a great selection Fat Quarters and Fat Eighths, yardage, Moda Bella Solids, Moda Muslin Mates, and fantastic quilt kits.  We also carry a variety of .pdf patterns, in case you're looking for a new project to start - and now these patterns are available for immediate download from our etsy shop.  Hooray!

Here are some of our favorite listings this week!

Paris Flea Market Fat Eights bundle

Etchings Layer Cake

California Girl Quilt Kit

And as a special thank you to my Poplun followers ...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Thank you for visiting Cora's Quilt blog!  I'm so very excited to announce that our shop is finally open.  Introducing ...

Here, you'll find fabric from the latest lines of our favorite designers, like Fig Tree & Co, 3 Sisters, Kate Spain, Bonnie & Camille, and Sandy Gervais, just to name a few.  We've also opened up the Cora's Quilt fabric stash to share some of our favorite out-of-print treasures.

We carry a great selection Fat Quarters and Fat Eighths, yardage, Moda Bella Solids, Moda Muslin Mates, and fantastic quilt kits.  We also carry a variety of .pdf patterns, in case you're looking for a new project to start.  Patterns are also available for immediate download from our Cora's Quilts Craftsy Shop.

Here are some of our favorite listings this week!

Fat Quarter Bundle - Dogwood by Michelle Engle Bencsko

Fat Eights Bundle - Paris Flea Market by 3 Sisters

Half Yard Bundle - California Girl by Fig Tree & Co

And be sure to check out our special Grand Opening Pattern sale!

Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and here on our blog for news of new arrivals, exciting sales, and valuable coupon codes!

Thanks so much for stopping by and happy sewing!!