Friday, July 13, 2012

Still MIA ... sorta ...

Well ... this is a rare sight in our house these days!  Last month, our little monkey-boy graduated from scooting along the floor like a caterpillar to crawling to cruising in like a 10 day time span.  Coupled with two teeth that just refuse to break through the surface and that fabulous little phase called the "8 month sleep regression" ... well, let's just say that I'm feeling a little rumpled, and my sewing machine is feeling rather dusty and neglected!

So since I seem to only opportunities for creative snippets here and there, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pull out some old, almost finished projects from the closet and finally put the finishing touches on some patterns that have been on the cusp for months!

I have five or six new patterns that should be publishing weekly over the next two months - hooray!! - and I'm doing a bit of housecleaning, so all sorts of quilts, blankets, table runners, and maybe even some fabric kits will be making their way over to my etsy shop and ridiculously low prices!!  I'll hopefully be sharing some pictures over the week or so.

This week's new pattern is Sweet Lily, inspired by my sweet little four-legged lady!

It's a gem of a little quilt that goes together super quickly with some charm squares and yardage!  I love this pattern because it provides a great opportunity to showcase fabric lines that use both larger and smaller scale prints!  It's currently available in my craftsy shop only.

I've been doing a bit of crocheting on the side (I know, I know - neglecting and cheating on my sewing machine ...) and hope to have some pictures to share soon - if the weather would cooperate and stay below 150 degrees for a couple of minutes so I could dash outside to take some quick pictures!!

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!

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