Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fabric Tuesday

Well, my design wall didn't stay empty for long!  

This is the first block for my new quilt tentatively named, "Shiloh" - more on the name soon.  I can't wait to share, since it's a beautiful story!

This block is a traditional 1930's Dogtooth Violet block.  The historian in me really would like to know more about the pattern and how it originated, but there just doesn't seem to be any information out there on the web.  Does anyone know of any good sources?

I'm really enjoying working with Barbara Brackman's line, Lately Arrived from London.  As I mentioned yesterday, this is the first Civil War Reproduction fabric I've ever purchased.  Originally, I toyed around with making a quilt with a classic 19th century block to really showcase the fabric, but I just kept returning to this block.  I'm really pleased with how it's turning out!

When I originally mapped the pattern out in EQ6, I had planned on using two of the lighter background-ish type prints in the line for the sides of the setting triangles ... but then I spent all my fabric allowance for the month on a beautiful fat quarter stack ... so I decided to throw caution to the wind!  I used my go to white-on-white print that I already had on hand.   It's definitely not traditional, but so far I'm loving how the white just makes the dark, Victorian-ish colors pop! 

After struggling with all the triangular points on my Robot Roulette quilt, I decided to give foundation piecing a shot with the setting triangles, and boy, am I in love!  Granted, the fabric waste is much higher with this method of piecing, but man - absolutely perfectly pieced blocks are so worth the waste!!
Ummm ... quick tangent for a minute: has anyone else experienced difficulties with foundation patterns printing from EQ6 in the WRONG SIZE????  After making several test blocks, I just couldn't figure out why my block wasn't working out.  I checked my math several times, because surely the error was my fault ... and not the fancy computer program's fault.
Sure enough, my math was right, thank you very much ... and the foundation pattern printed directly from EQ6 was over 1/4" too small!  Unfortunately, I already printed the foundation pieces for the entire quilt already and had to reprint them in the correct size ... so this pattern will be responsible for the death of not one, but two small trees.  Won't be making that mistake again!
So, now that everything is all worked out - and little man and his Dad are happily enjoying some male bonding time this evening in the front room - I'm off to enjoy a glass of CG Di Arie's Primitivo Block 4 {YUM!}, watch some trash TV, and piece my little heart out!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Check out the 'ole design wall!

Happy Design Wall Monday!  Check mine out!

That can mean only one thing!  Robot Roulette is actually finished!!

 Ok, technically, I still have to stitch the binding down, but this baby has left the wall! I tried to be as random with the four robot prints as possible and overall, I'm please with the way that it turned out!  There were some inadvertent color clusters, but nothing that stands out too much ... at least if you were viewing it from the back of a galloping horse!

My inspiration came from Jennifer @ Sugar Stitches, but I used my pinwheel template from Fig Tree & Co's "Salt Water Taffy" quilt.  I love, love, love the pinwheel effect and the resulting circles they create.  Once the binding is all in place, it's off to it's new home with Aiden's newest little cousin!

This afternoon, I'm playing with ...

This line is a first for me - Reproduction fabric isn't usually my cup of tea, but I love the colors and the prints in this line.  I'm excited to step out of my little box with a new project for fall!  We'll see what happens.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Laissez le Robots Roulette!

Ok - I've seriously been procrastinating on my Robot Quilt!

March 2012
This quilt has been in the works since January!!  

April 2012

If Chandler Bing were here, he'd ask me, "Could you BE moving any slower?"

June 2012

The little man this is intended for made his grand entrance into the world Tuesday ... and we have the chance to swing by and visit next weekend!

July 2012
So, no more time for excuses!  It's time to finish the last two columns and get this baby quilted!!  I have three more episodes of the Bachelorette to catch up on, and my little guy missed his nap this morning and just conked out ... so I have my fingers crossed for a productive afternoon.  No more excuses!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing: Harvest Hearth Table Runner!

The weather here has been so weird lately!  Last week it was in the lows 60's when little man and I went out for our morning walk - we actually had to go back into the house for a blanket!  This week it's been hot, hot, hot, and two nights ago we had a crazy summer storm with amazing thunder and lightening.

Photo courtesy of  US National Weather Service Sacramento California.
For days, I've been feeling like we're in this weird place between summer and fall ... so I almost laughed when I came across this project while cleaning out my craft closet!

It was a wall-hanging that was almost complete - it just needed the binding stitched to the back! Perfect for my mood: warm fall colors and plaid {which always reminds me of a Scottish Harvest Festival ... too much Diana Gabaldon, I guess} with just enough sunny sunflower prints to keep a hint of summer around!  In the space of an afternoon nap, the binding was finished and it's now living happily on our kitchen table!

So, I'd like to introduce ...

... now available in the craftsy shop!

The pattern uses 5 Fat Quarters and some yardage, which gives you more than enough fabric for both the wall-hanging and a bonus table topper.

Well - I'm off to decide whether to brave the heat from the iron and the afternoon sun in my sewing room ... or to curl up on the couch under the fan with a good book.  I have a feeling the book might win ... happy sewing!

Monday, July 16, 2012

{almost} instant gratification!

While searching for a crochet hook to finish up the border on my last crochet-y project, I came across a box containing my first forays into paper piecing!  I didn't have enough fabric to make more than a couple of squares ... so they were never destined to be a finished project ...

{available here}
... but the little blossoms turned out to be the perfect size for these cute little applique mug rugs! I was able to whip these two up in practically no time at all!  Love those instant gratification projects!

{available here}
I'm linking up today with Design Wall Monday @ Patchwork Times and Manic Monday @ Sew Happy Geek.  I'm finding so many great projects to pin today!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Still MIA ... sorta ...

Well ... this is a rare sight in our house these days!  Last month, our little monkey-boy graduated from scooting along the floor like a caterpillar to crawling to cruising in like a 10 day time span.  Coupled with two teeth that just refuse to break through the surface and that fabulous little phase called the "8 month sleep regression" ... well, let's just say that I'm feeling a little rumpled, and my sewing machine is feeling rather dusty and neglected!

So since I seem to only opportunities for creative snippets here and there, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pull out some old, almost finished projects from the closet and finally put the finishing touches on some patterns that have been on the cusp for months!

I have five or six new patterns that should be publishing weekly over the next two months - hooray!! - and I'm doing a bit of housecleaning, so all sorts of quilts, blankets, table runners, and maybe even some fabric kits will be making their way over to my etsy shop and ridiculously low prices!!  I'll hopefully be sharing some pictures over the week or so.

This week's new pattern is Sweet Lily, inspired by my sweet little four-legged lady!

It's a gem of a little quilt that goes together super quickly with some charm squares and yardage!  I love this pattern because it provides a great opportunity to showcase fabric lines that use both larger and smaller scale prints!  It's currently available in my craftsy shop only.

I've been doing a bit of crocheting on the side (I know, I know - neglecting and cheating on my sewing machine ...) and hope to have some pictures to share soon - if the weather would cooperate and stay below 150 degrees for a couple of minutes so I could dash outside to take some quick pictures!!

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Summer!

The month of June always flies by for us - I think it's our busiest month of the year, besides December - so it really isn't a surprise that my poor sewing machine is feeling a little neglected lately.

I did manage to finally finish sewing the binding on August's table runner, "Summer Breeze."

Summer in the Sacramento area is always hot, but every once in a while we get this beautifully cooling delta breeze that blows in the gloaming, setting the perfect setting for an evening walk to the park for a little kite flying.

August's runner uses just 15 charm squares and some white yardage, so it's a great stash buster!

I made my sample using some squares from my very last Verna charm pack, so I don't have any kits to share this month, but Kate Spain's newest line, Cuzco, would be just as lovely to use ...

Snippet courtesy of Moda Fabrics - Gorgeous!!!!

The pattern is now here and here.

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