Thursday, March 24, 2011


Greetings from blustery Sacramento!!

As you've probably noticed, I've been a little absent lately.  Please know that all is well, but that I've decided to take a little break from my blog just for a couple more weeks.  I'm really enjoying watching everyone's progress on their Eventide quilts, and have definitely been enjoying the monthly Le Petite parades, even though I haven't been getting much accomplished myself.

Thanks for visiting, and I promise I'll be back soon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Eventide Update

Well, it's probably a very good thing that the Eventide Sew Along isn't a race, because I'm definitely getting off to a very slow start!  Granted, I was a little late in ordering my pattern, and then once it arrived, I realized that I didn't have quite as much in my Martinique stash as I thought I did ... so I had to find a quilt shop that still carried enough of the line that I could get what I needed, and not have to pay a fortune in shipping.  Luckily, Lonestar Quilting, LLC still had a great selection and speedy shipping, so when I was finally ready to sit down and start cutting ... I found that I couldn't quite commit to a specific color scheme.

As I mentioned in my last Eventide post, this is the first quilt I've made with the intention of keeping it in my house.  I've already decided that it will live at the foot of my bed.  However, I really picked really girlie fabric, and the other occupant in my bed isn't really too crazy about pale blues and pinks, which meant that my original plan to feature these colorways in my large stars just wasn't going to be a great option.  Luckily, Nicole shared her own color-choice-crisis with the rest of us, which inspired me to play around with my own color choices.

After much indecision, I finally committed (last night) to a matching inner red square, with brown star-tips in alternating prints.  

While it took a while to get here, I think I'll be happy with the final product!  The good news, is that while I was trying to make my decision, I got all of the tiny border hourglass squares finished.  Phew!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm officially an EVIL GENIUS!!

I blame my husband ... really.  Not only is it his fault that I'm addicted to Dilbert, but thanks to him, my laptop, which died about a year ago, has been resurrected.  I really am thankful, don't get me wrong.  Now I can {theoretically} blog and work on patterns from anywhere in the house, and can multi-task in the evenings by watching my daily dose of CSI (don't judge ... we enjoy a good evidence montage at our house and like to play the "count the cheesy lines" game ... which is way too easy with CSI: Miami!!) while playing my favorite mind-numbly-pointless-yet-addicting-time-sucking-clicky-games AT THE SAME TIME!!

Another big perk is that I can take a break from my Audible audio books and watch some Netflix while sewing.  Last night, however, as I was settling down to work on Eventide and watch some Grey's Anatomy, Season 2, I noticed that my laptop screen was a little small ... which resulted in some scrounging around in hubby's closet of spare computer parts, which resulted in ...

... the creation of my very own evil genius lair!  When hubby got back from his evening run and saw what I had done, he laughed ... and then brought in the sub-woofer that goes with the computer speaker system, just "to make the set-up complete."

So, I have big plans to spend the evening in my "man cave" with Eventide, and Denny and the rest of the group at Seattle Grace.