Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's New?

Wow! I can't believe how long it's been. I've been so swamped with school this semester and am definitely looking forward to the holiday break!

I did take my recent 4-day weekend to catch up on some projects with all my fabulous fall fabric. My goal was to finish three projects in four days, and while I didn't quite get all of them done, I was definitely very happy to become reaquainted with my sewing machine.

Project #1 is a fall leaf table runner, featuring appliqued leaves and a colorful border. I just need to sew the binding on and then it will be listed for sale in my Etsy Shop soon! Pictures are coming tonight!

Project #2 is another fall table runner featuring a bow-tie pattern. I was planning on making a quilt with the same pattern for a Christmas gift, so I used the runner to play around with the pattern. While I'm really pleased with how it turned out, it definitely is too time-consuming for a quilt that needs to be done in a month! The runner is up for sale in my Etsy Shop for $34.99 + shipping.

Project #3 was inspired by mom, who brought her paper-piecing project over on Monday for our little sewing circle ... although I guess since there was just two of us, it was more of a sewing line...? Anyways, I designed the paper-pieced pattern myself and am planning on publishing a pattern for sale once I can get everything assembled. Here's a sneak-peak of the square. Please excuse the poor-picture quality -- I used my cell-phone camera. The colors and patterns are much more vibrant in person. Better quality pictures are on their way!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

What's New This Week?

Things have been so crazy lately. I can hardly believe that summer is almost over, but I'm very excited that autumn is around the corner! My favorite Amador County Winery, Dobra Zemlja -- yes, a Croatian winery!!!! - just had their release party last weekend. While my hubby, Rob, and I weren't able to make it due to our packed schedule, we're looking forward to heading up the hill soon ... perhaps this upcoming 3-day weekend?

For those Sacramentans who love wine as much as I do, check out the Big Crush '08 happening October 4th and 5th in Amador County. I haven't been yet, but have heard from friends that it's an absolute blast, so we're looking forward to checking it out this year!

Ok ... on to actual quilting stuff. The Surf and Sand quilt is really coming along. Look for more pictures coming soon!

At dinner at my parents' house last week, my mom told me all about the paper piecing class she's been attending. It's a technique I've never used before, but when she showed me how it was done, I couldn't believe how easy it was! It's a great technique that creates really precise, beautiful squares, and I can't believe how many different patterns are out there!

Here is a picture of my practice square and the pattern I used:

While I really love the technique and definitely have plans for a quilt using these fabrics, they might have to be on the back burner for awhile, as I just picked up a ton of fall fabric!

I had so much fun making all my Christmas table runners last year that I decided to start early on some autum/harvest themes. More pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's New This Week?

I love getting new fabric! This week I received some yardage from Marcus Brother's "Surf and Sand" line. I've had my eye on this fabric for awhile now and I'm excited to finally get my hands on some!

Up first for this fabric: a traditional quilt using in 4"x4" squares of 8 different fabrics in a diagonal pattern. The quilt should be finished in a couple of weeks and will be posted for sale in my shop. If you are interested in pre-ordering or would like more information about the fabric, you can contact me there. Also, be on the look out for a pre-cut, "Do-It-Yourself" kit with these same fabrics, containing 144 pre-cut 4x4" squares plus binding.

No quilting this weekend, however!! My quilting table is being commandeered for use on CampinT 2008 -- our annual camping trip in Santa Cruz with friends and family. Providing that the associated annual major sunburn can finally be avoided this year, I should be back in business next week!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Hello and welcome to my blog! Within the past couple of years I've acquired yet another hobby: sewing and quilting ... which has also led to the art of fabric shopping and acquisition ... which has led to the creation of my store: :

With this blog, I'll keep you updated on my current works-in-process, completed items, my favorite fabrics and patterns, and news for my store. Please check back often, as I'm adding new items and starting new projects all the time.

If you have any questions or would like to commission a custom order, please click on the
"Contact Poplun" or "Request Custom Item" links on my store's homepage.

If you're unfamiliar with -- check it out! It's a place where artisans come together to sell their handmade wares and crafting supplies.

Three of my favorite Etsy features:

  1. "Hand-Picked Items" found on the main homepage. Every half-hour or so, 12 beautifully matched items from different sellers are showcased. It's a great way to happen across unique items that you might not have been looking for otherwise!
  2. "Recently Listed Items" found slightly lower on the main homepage. This streaming feed showcases items as they are listed. Again, it's a great place to come across new items and discover new sellers.
  3. "Favorites" found on each seller's home page. This gives sellers a place to showcase their favorite sellers and seller-items.
Anyways, thanks for visiting and please check back often!